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Top 5 RV Safety Accessories

There are dozens of good articles out there with lists of items you’ll need to start vacationing in your new RV: sewer hose, fresh water hose, bedding, etc.  So we’re not going to reinvent the wheel in this article.  Instead, let’s focus on five RV accessories you should purchase to help ensure safe travel in your RV.  Stuart and I consider these to be necessities.  Our family would never take a trip without them.

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5 Must Haves for RVing with Young Kids

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the RV with the boys lately- Tristan is now 6 and Rowan is 4.  Katherine (that’s me!!) and the boys lived in the RV for about 5 weeks before Stu came home, then we left immediately on a 5 week RV road trip.  We quickly worked out some tricks to survive in such a small space with two rambunctious boys and how to travel down the road with less stress.  Here are the top 5 things we couldn’t live without this summer:

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Maryland to Pennsylvania: Air and Space to Amish Country

We finished up visiting our family in Maryland and Virginia and hit the northern road!

First stop was the new Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly (near Dulles), VA.  This location is bigger than the one at the mall in Washington, D.C.  There are more planes AND the space shuttle Discovery.  It was a great place to visit with the kids and we had a great time…

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VA to MD: Rest, Relaxation, and RV Repairs


“Home is where you automatically connect to the Internet.”

This has never rung more true for our family than now.  We made it back up to the Central Atlantic region and Stu’s parent’s house.  And our laptops automatically connected to the internet- What a relief after weeks of spotty cell phone service and even spottier WiFi! We only spent a few days….

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The App We Can’t Live Without

There’s an app that made our road trip so easy, we sometimes just stop and say, “This app is amazing.”

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How to Do Busch Gardens for 12 hours with two kids…on a shoestring budget


First, you need a large coffee, a lot of guts, and a little bit of crazy.  Then, you need to find the world’s best husband to push the stroller for most of the day.  And finally, you need to dedicate yourself to having fun and let everything else just slide off your back…

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Pensacola to Charleston- Cheap DIY Updates to Big Lou

We left the blazing hot temperatures of New Orleans for the blazing hot temperatures of Pensacola! Yay!  It was actually not too bad in Pensacola.  We ran late getting there on the first day- going to Walmart and Camping World…and then Walmart again haha!

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New Orleans- The French Quarter and the Unforgiving Heat

We made it to New Orleans! And oh boy was it hot.  It was around 95 degrees the whole time.  But we got to see some amazing places, eat some amazing food, and have quality hang out time with a good friend….

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